Gardiner Scholarships can Help You Pay for Private School

If you are looking for financial aid to be able to afford a private education for your child, you may be eligible for the Gardiner Scholarship Program if you live in Florida. Gardiner Scholarships Tampa, for instance, can help pay for tuition at one of the many private schools that are located in the Tampa area. Here is some information about the scholarships and how they can benefit your child.

Eligibility Criteria

The Florida Department of Education lists criteria that a student must meet in order to qualify for a Gardiner Scholarship. Such criteria include being a Florida resident, being eligible to attend public school at the K through 12 levels, having a disability as listed in the specific criteria, and having an Individualized Education Program written for him or her. Students who meet the criteria are welcome to contact one of the Scholarship Funding Organizations listed on the Florida Department of Education website by phone or email for information on how to apply for a scholarship.

Scholarship Amount

The amount of funds that are awarded with a Gardiner Scholarship varies based on several criteria, such as need, what grade the student is in, and what county the student lives in, but the average dollar number for a complete scholarship is $10,000. The earlier the scholarship is received and the eligibility is verified in an academic year, the higher the percentage of the full scholarship that the student receives. Make sure you apply for a Gardiner Scholarship early to ensure your child receives the most funds possible if they are awarded a scholarship.

If you believe your child may be eligible for a Gardiner Scholarship, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to apply so that you can save money on your child’s private school tuition. This way, you may be able to receive the private education you seek for your child at a more affordable rate of pay.